It all began in 2009 when Dalia Salah started a kiosk in the seasonal Jara market, where she used to sell her homemade meals. People loved her dishes so she continued to deliver to her customers after the market had closed, and this is how Kitchenette’s idea was born! 

In 2010 Basem Aggad partnered with Kitchenette's founder and helped pivot the business to a professional and scalable offering, by establishing a central kitchen and expanding the communication and ordering channels. 

The founders of Kitchenette know very well the frustrations that employees have when it comes to in-office lunch, the lack of time and available options makes the whole experience a disappointing one! Kitchenette believes that having lunch inside the office should be pleasant and hassle-free, that’s why Kitchenette provides its customers with a smooth and quick ordering process, daily menus, freshly prepared 
meals, and timely deliveries. 

In 2012 Kitchenette received the prestigious Sheikh Moh'd Bin Rashid Young Business Leaders Award for entrepreneurship in a pan-Arab competition in the "best small business from Jordan" category. 

In 2013 Kitchenette launched a nutritional audit of its meals and improved the recipes to have better nutritional value, and started providing full nutritional information to help clients make the right choices for 

Today, Kitchenette continues to serve its customers and offer them the highest quality of service, while 
continuously developing its services and procedures to ensure the ultimate convenient experience for